Manuscripts in Preparation

Adaptive optics with direct wavefront sensing from microvessels enables two-photon imaging of deep cortical layers.
R. Liu, Z. Li, and D. Kleinfeld
Nigral neurons project have biased but broad projections to target nuclei.
L. McElvain, Y. Chen, B. Lim^, R. Costa^, and D. Kleinfeld^.
Neonatal nicotine exposure alters the balance of excitation to inhibition in hippocampal pyramidal neurons.
A. Lozada, D. John, C. Foo, R. Liu, D. Kleinfeld and D. K. Berg.
Push-pull control of vibrissa position by sensory cortex.
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Ultra-slow oscillations in fMRI and resting state connectivity: Known and unknown neurovascular and vascular contributions
P. J. Drew*, C. Mateo*, S. Inyerger, X. Yu and D. Kleinfeld. Neuron Review/Perspective.
Physical limits to measurements in neurobiology.
D. Kleinfeld and many others, in planning.