Manuscripts in Preparation

Adaptive optics with direct wavefront sensing from microvessels enables two-photon imaging of deep cortical layers.
R. Liu, Z. Li, and D. Kleinfeld
Individual nigral neurons project to selected target nuclei.
L. McElvain, Y. Chen, B. Lim^, R. Costa^, and D. Kleinfeld^.
Neonatal nicotine exposure alters the balance of excitation to inhibition in hippocampal pyramidal neurons.
A. Lozada, D. John, C. Foo, R. Liu, D. Kleinfeld and D. K. Berg.
Push-pull control of vibrissa position by sensory cortex.
P. M. Knutsen, N. Mercer Lindsay and D. Kleinfeld.
Hierarchy of representation for sequential orofacial motor actions.
N. Mercer Lindsay, Per M. Knutsen and D. Kleinfeld.
Ultra-slow oscillations in fMRI and resting state connectivity: Known and unknown neurovascular and vascular contributions
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Physical limits to measurements in neurobiology.
D. Kleinfeld and many others, in planning.