Laboratory Personnel

(Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.*)

Principal Invesigator

Distinguished Prof. David Kleinfeld
Office: 7202 Urey Hall
Office: 858-822-0342
Lab: 7108 Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-922-4664 or 858-454-3638

Faculty in Residence

Prof. David Golomb; TeamBCP Annual Visiting Professor
(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva)
Office: 7202 Urey Hall
Distinguished Prof. Harvey J. Karten, Emeritus (Neurosciences), Member of the NAS and the AAAS
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Prof. Massimo Vergasssola; TeamBCP Annual Visiting Professor
(École Normale Supérieure, Paris)
Office: 7202 Urey Hall

Project Scientists

Dr. Arash Fassihi Zakeri
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7108C Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-322-1036
Dr. Beth Friedman
(TeamBCP Precision Histology Core with Prof. Yoav Freund, CSE)
Office: 7213BA Urey Hall
Lab: 7213B Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-245-0810
Dr. Rui Liu
Office: 7124A Urey Hall
Lab: 7112C/7112D Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-337-2068

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Karishma Chhabria
Office: 7124B Urey Hall
Lab: 7120B Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-214-0876
Dr. Benjamin Halloway
(T32 Neural Circuits Training Grant Fellow through Neurobiology)
Office: 7124B Urey Hall
Lab: 7112C/7108D Urey Hall
Emergency: 931-797-6087
Dr. Philipp Machler
(Swiss National Science Foundation Mobility Fellow)
Office: 7126 Urey Hall
Lab: 7112C/7118A Urey Hall
Emergency: 619-779-1181

Graduate Students

(Well, if you're not young and brash between about [age] seventeen and twenty four, then you might as well just shoot yourself because that is when people are young and brash.**)

Mr. Jacob Duckworth; Physics
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7108E Urey Hall
Emergency: 616-405-9235
Mr. Sincheng Huang; Physics
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7213A Urey Hall
Emergency: 505-557-5930
Mr. Xiang Ji; Physics
(AHA predoctoral fellow)
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7213A Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-405-4923
Ms. Zaneta Ku; Biology (MS Program)
Office: 7213B Urey Hall
Lab: 7108D Urey Hall
Emergency: 626-677-6221
Ms. Amalia Callado Pérez; International
(Prof. Martin Deschênes as primary advisor)
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7108B Urey Hall
Emergency: 858-284-9132
Mr. Pantong Yao; Neurosciences
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7112D Urey Hall
Emergency: 631-542-3427

Dan Hill and Jeff Gauthier as David Kleinfeld and Terry Sejnowski in 2008 NGP Skit

Data Analysts

Mr. Edward O'Donnell
(TeamBCP Data Science Core with Prof. Yoav Freund; 1/2-time)
Office: At large
Mr. Duane Rinehart
(TeamBCP Data Science Cores with Profs. Yoav Freund and Gal Mishne)
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7215A Urey Hall
Emergency: 619-549-0904
Mr. Zhongkai (William) Wu
Office: 7124 Urey Hall
Lab: 7213A Urey Hall
Emergency: 714-232-6035

Laboratory Associates

Mr. Rodolfo Figueroa
Office: 7108A Urey Hall
Lab: 7108-7126 Urey Hall
Lab: 858-534-3562
Emergency: 619-642-4216
Ms. Marissa Moreno
Office: 7215 Urey Hall
Lab: 7215 Urey Hall
Emergency: 951-235-6379

Rui Liu and David Kleinfeld at HHMMI Janelia

*Henry Ford (1863-1947)

** Alan Stevenson (“Hevy Duty”) (1952-)