"Q & A" with David Kleinfeld.
D. Kleinfeld Current Biology 32:R900-R902 (2022).
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"Navigating neurophotonics, words of wisdom: An interview with Professor David Kleinfeld".
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See and hear David Kleinfeld speak on "Dopamine, active sensing, and blood flow".
Interviewed by Abdullah Iqbal of Brain Explained (2021).
See and hear David Kleinfeld speak on "Feel good' brain messenger can be willfully controlled".
Interviewed by Carl Lanore of Super Human Radio Network (2021).
Obituary "Roger Tsien 1952-2016".
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Hear David Kleinfeld speak on "Neuronal basis for object location in the vibrissa scanning sensorimotor system".
Interviewed by Senior Editor Katja Brose in a Cell PodCast (2011).
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Hear David Kleinfeld speak on his laboratory's research.
Interviewed by Osama Ahmed for CarryTheOneRadio (2011);
See and hear David Kleinfeld speak on "New biosensors to eavesdrop on neurons".
Interviewed for UCSD Health Sciences Neurosciences Connections (2011);
Hear Patrick Drew, David Kleinfeld and Rafael Malach speak on "Brain waves: What they do and how to study them".
Moderated by Kerri Smith, Nature NeuroPod, 27 March 2009, 15:40-22:40.
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Science is an adventure not a battle.
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