Manuscripts in Preparation

(Dreams and toil*)

Extracellular glutamate integrates neuro-glio-vascular signaling underlying fMRI variability.
Y. Jiang, X. Chen, P. Pais-Roldán, S. Sakadžić, D. Kleinfeld, B. Rosen and X. Yu.
Coordination of heading, head movement, and sniffing as rodents forage.
S.-M. Liao and D. Kleinfeld.
Complete fills of microvessels for mouse brain connectome studies.
B. Friedman, X. Ji, R. Liu, H. Liechty and D. Kleinfeld, STAR Protocols.
Assembly of a two-photon laser scanning microscope with wavefront sensing and adaptive optics.
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Strongly vasoactive and electrically invisible cortical NPY-positive interneurons.
M. Thunemann, Torbjørn V. Ness, K. Kılıç, M. Desjardins, M. Vandenberghe, S. Bompierre, C. G. L. Ferri, C. Mateo, P. A. Saisan, Q. Cheng, K. L. Weldy, H. Herzog, H. Uhlirova, D. Kleinfeld, S. Djurovic, O. A. Andreassen, D. A. Boas, S. Sakadžić, R. B. Buxton, G. T. Einevoll, A. M. Dale and A. Devor.
Saturating vasodilation and paradoxical neuronal dynamics accompany REM sleep.
C. Mateo and D. Kleinfeld.
Push-pull pre2motor control of vibrissa position by corticobulbar projections.
P. M. Knutsen, A. Callado Perez, N. Mercer Lindsay, M. Deschênes and D. Kleinfeld.
Transient hyperglycemia intensifies cerebrovascular thrombo-inflammation.
I. Shaked, C. Foo, R. Liu, Y. Cui, X. Ji, P. Sundd, A. Devor, B. Friedman and D. Kleinfeld.
Spatio-temporal dynamics of the pial arteriole network.
T. Broggini, K. Chhabria, X, Ji, X. Xia, C. Hernandez, C. Mateo, M. I. Kotlikoff, G. Mishne, M. Vergassola and D. Kleinfeld.
Modulating the blood-brain barrier by light stimulation of molecular-targeted nanoparticles.
X. Li, V. Vemireddy, Q. Cai, H. Xiong, P. Kang, X. Li, M. Giannotta, H. Hayenga, E. Pan, S. Sirsi, C. Mateo, D. Kleinfeld, C. Greene, M. Campbell, E. Dejana, R. Bachoo and Z. Qin.
Theory of the generation and entrainment of rhythmic bursts of spikes that drive whisking, the prototypic orofacial motor action.
D. Golomb, J. D. Moore, A. Fassihi Zakeri, J. Takatoh, V. Prevosto, F. Wang and D. Kleinfeld.

*John Maclean ("Slow West")