Manuscripts in Preparation

(Dreams and toil*)

The brain microvasculature has a common topology with local differences in geometry that match metabolic load.
X. Ji, T. Ferreira, B. Friedman, H. Liechty, E. Bas, J. Chandraskekar and D. Kleinfeld.
Volitional control of brain neuromodulators.
C. Foo, A. Lozada, Y. Li, P. A. Slesinger* and D. Kleinfeld*.
Motor control of head turning as rodents forage locks to multiple phases of the breathing cycle.
S.-M. Liao and D. Kleinfeld.
Push-pull pre2motor control of vibrissa position by corticobulbar projections.
P. M. Knutsen*, A. Callado Perez, N. Mercer Lindsay, M. DeschĂȘnes and D. Kleinfeld.
Hyperglycemia increases succeptability to brain vascular lesions.
I. Shaked, C. Foo, R. Liu, C. Mateo and D. Kleinfeld.
Saturating vasodilation and paradoxical neuronal dynamics accompany REM sleep
C. Mateo and D. Kleinfeld.
SST-CNiFERs reveal that somatostatin is released by touch in vibrissa cortex,
E. Lacin*, C. Mateo*, ..., D. Kleinfeld^ and P. A. Slesinger^.
Spatio-temporal dynamics of the pial arteriole network.
T. Broggini, C. Mateo, M. I. Kotlikoff and D. Kleinfeld.
Cortical surface venules form tree-like drainage patterns.
Y. Cui, X. Yu, B. Friedman and D. Kleinfeld.

*John Maclean ("Slow West")