Manuscripts in Preparation

(Dreams and toil*)

Saturating vasodilation and paradoxical neuronal dynamics accompany REM sleep
C. Mateo and D. Kleinfeld.
SST-CNiFERs reveal that somatostatin is released by touch in vibrissa cortex
E. Lacin*, C. Mateo*, ..., D. Kleinfeld^ and P. A. Slesinger^.
Ultra-slow oscillations in fMRI and resting state connectivity: Known and unknown neurovascular and vascular contributions
P. J. Drew*, C. Mateo*, X. Yu and D. Kleinfeld Neuron Review.
Perceptual grouping of visual objects alters co-fluctuations in interhemispheric brain activity
S. Nasr, D. Kleinfeld and J. Polimeni.
Spikes in blood sugar and diabetes increases succeptability to brain vascular lesions
I. Shaked, C. Foo, R. Liu, C. Mateo, B. Friedman and D. Kleinfeld.
Volitional control of brain neuromodulators
C. Foo, A. Lozada, P. A. Slesinger* and D. Kleinfeld*.
Statio-temporal patterning of entrained versus ongoing vasomotor dynamics
T. Broggini, ..., and D. Kleinfeld.
Cortical surface venules form tree-like drainage patterns
Y. Cui, X. Yu, B. Friedman and D. Kleinfeld.
Congruent activation of vibrissa neurons in trigeminal nucleus interpolaris by both corticobulbar feedback and touch.
P. M. Knutsen*, A. Callado Perez*, N. Mercer Lindsay, M. DeschĂȘnes and D. Kleinfeld.
Push-pull control of vibrissa position by sensory cortex.
P. M. Knutsen*, A. Callado Perez*, M. DeschĂȘnes and D. Kleinfeld.

*John Maclean ("Slow West")