Manuals and Data Sheets

A-M Systems, Inc
Four Channel Differential AC Amplifier Manual
Instruction Manual for Isolated Pulse Stimulator Model 2100

Calomel Reference Electrodes

Advanced Photonix
Advanced Photonix Large APD

Alpha Omega
Multi Channel Processor -Plus Users Manual

Altec Lansing
FX 6021 User's Guide

mMessage mMachine T7

Andor Technology
Software Development Kit
Technology System Performance
SiXon Ultra 888 Manual

ANDVU8970 Bandpass Transmission

Andros Analyzers Inc
4620 Multigas Anethesia Monitor Analyzer Software Guide

Apogee Instruments CCD Camera and PCI-bus Interface card Instructions
AIS Apogee Imaging Systems
ALTA U42 Specifications
ALTA U42 Descriptions
ALTA U42 Camera Test Report
ALTA U42 Integrated Quality Checklist
Camera Installation Guide
Customer RMA Form r1436

Applied Geomechanics
Pro3600_Protractor Manual
Calibration Certificate 08.21.98

H216D-H216-H224-H232 Users Manual

Axon Instruments
Axoprobe-1A Microelectrode Amplifier Manual
Axoprobe-1A Microelectrode Amplifier Service
Axoclamp-2A Microelectrode Clamp Service Manual
Axoclamp-2A Microelectrode Clamp Theory and Operation
Axoclamp-2B Microelectrode Amplifier Manual
Axopatch 200A
Axopatch 200A Addendum
MultiClamp 700B
AxoClamp 900A
Digidata 1200B Manual
Digidata 1440A Manual
Isolator-10 Stimulus Isolation Unit
Isolator-11 Stimulus Isolation Unit
pCLAMP10 User Guide

A600f Manual
A620f Manual
CCT+ Installation Guide

Bausch and Lomb
BL Nicholas Illuminator

Bayer HealthCare Slope Gas

Circuitmate Model CM20A Digital Capacitance Meter Operator's Manual

Bertan Associates
Power Supply Module Certifications
PMT Series Power Supply Modules

Instructions for Use of Crystal Mount

Bionic Technologies
Inserter Manual

Braintree Scientific
Operating Instructions for RG-100

Operating Instructions for Cryostat model OTF/AS/MR 83650/1544

Model 6000 Inchworm Motor Controller Instruction Manual

Precision Switched Integrator Transimpedance Amplifier

EOS Digital Software
EOS 20D Camera
Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 Manual

Cambridge, Inc
Cambridge scanners
Cambridge drivers
MicroMax Series 670 Single Axis Board Level Mirror Positioning System
Model 6200 Optical Scanner
Model 6210 Galvanometer Optical Scanner
Model 6210 Galvanometer Optical Scanner
Model 8315 X-Y Mount

Cary 50 UVVIS Operation Manual
CaryWinUV Software Manual
Cary WinUV Version 5.0 Software

Centent CN0165 Operating Manual

Cincon TR36 Series 36W Switching Adapter

E680SP-2P Bandpass Transmission
430DF25 Bandpass Transmission
542DF40 Bandpass Transmission
LP 455 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 470 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 505 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 510 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
SP 525 DCSP Dichroic Transmission
SP 540 DCSP Dichroic Transmission
SP 700 DCXRU Dichroic Transmission
Cy5 Zeiss Axio Cube
Cy7 Zeiss Axio Cube

Koherent, Inc
Verdi V8/V10 Preinstallation Guide
Verdi V8/V10 Operator's Manual
Verdi V18 Preinstallation
Verdi V18 Operator's Manual
V18 Customer Data Sheet
Mira Optima 900 Laser Operator Manual
V10 A4629 Test Data Sheet
V10 A4806 Test Data Sheet
V10 A8445 Test Data Sheet
V18 1211136247FND Test Data Sheet
Mira 900 020470360 head Test Data Sheet
Mira 900 114874 head Test Data Sheet
Mira HP 0000926 head Test Data Sheet
Discovery GDP.1003H.7232 Test Data
APE Synchronously Pumped OPO
Libra Pre-Installation Manual
Libra Ultrafast Amplifier Laser System
Operator's Manual SDG Synch & Delay Generator
Vitesse Laser Operator's Manual
Operators manual for Evolution 5-30, RevAA
Astrella Operators Manual
Astrella Installation Guids
Field Mate laser power meter.pdf
Sapphire semiconductor laser manual
OBIS Operating Manual
OBIS Accessories
OBIS Accession Numbers
OBIS Specifications

Cohu, Inc
4990 Installation and Instruction Manual
Cohu Purchase Catalog

Cole Parmer
Master Flex Guide
MasterFlex L/S Pump Drives

Calibration Data 350-105-BK-02
Calibration Data 350-80-CA-BK-02

57561 Calibration Data 500 nm wide bandpass
58883 Calibration Data 600 nm short-pass

Compact Solid State CrystaLaser
Diode Pumped Solid State CrystaLaser
DL440-025 Data Sheet

CWE, Inc
CWE, Inc Tidal CO2 Analyzer Manual

Cygnus Technology, Inc
PG 4000A Digital Stimulator Instruction Manual

Dagan Corporation
S-900 2.0 S-910 battery layout

Certificates for X-, Y-, and Z-stages

Dantz Mac Retrospect 6 User Guide

DDI Unit Typical Timing
DD1 Unit Typical Timing

Isolated Stimulator Model DS2A-21

DL Instruments
LLC Model 1211 Current Preamplifier

MI-150 Illuminator

Moto-Tool Model 395 Type 3 Manual
Multi-Pro Manual

Microinjection Apparatus
Pipet-Aid Xl Operation Manual
Portable Pipet Aid

DuPont Pyrralin T9035 Thinner

E2V Technologies
CCD 42-40 NIMO Back Illuminated High Performance CCD Sensor

DC Motor Controller- D Trol Maintanence Manual

Centrifuge 5702/Centrifuge 5702R/Centrifuge 5702RH
Centrifuge 5417R
Research Pro Manual
Series 2000 Reference Fixed-Volume and Adjustable Pipettes

FHC Europe 0.1 EC Declaration of Conformity
Temperature Regulation Systems

Find-R-ScOPE 84499X Manual

Fine Science Tools
Manual 21052-00

Fisher Dry Bath Incubators Instructions
Fisher Scientific Operator's Manual Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners

87 True RMS Multimeter
80 Series III Multimeter User Manual
Fluke 8026B Digital Multimeter Instruction Manual

FluoroGold Use Instructions
FluoroGold Antibody Use Instructions

K. 1070 Micromotor Kit

Frequency Devices
854 Series Specifications
858 Series Specifications
D68 & DP68 Specifications
D64 & DP64 Specifications

Split Type Room Air Conditioner Wall Mounted Type Service Manual

Top Freezer Frost Proof Refrigerator

Fuji Electric PXZ series PID Autotune Controllers

Food Freezer Manual

Getting Instruments
Model 5 Getting Microelectrode Amplifier

Flowmeter Catalog No. F3000, Serial No. 804
Flowmeter Directions and Calibration Chart

GW Instekt
FGFG-8020H function generator

NPD View2 Instruction Manual
H10770B-40 GaAsP PMT specifications (no protection)
H10770B-40 S/Ns AA4495 AA4803 AA4948 AA5097 Test Sheet
H7422 GaAsP PMT specifications
H7422-40MOD GaAsP PMT specifications (high current modification)
H7422-40 S/Ns ZD33304 ZD3385
R329 S/Ns RC7276 RC7280 Test Sheets
R6353 & R6357 Multi-alkalai PMT Specifications
R6353 S/N AK0080 Test Sheet
R6357 SELECT S/Ns MAC5548 MAC5896 Test Sheet
R6357 S/Ns MJ5670 MJ5674 MJ5678 Test Sheet
R6357 S/Ns MJ5630 MJ5634 Test Sheet
R6357 S/Ns MJ3562 MJ4063 Test Sheet
R6357 S/N MK4146 Test Sheet
R6357 SELECT S/N XB3893 Test Sheet
R6357 SELECT S/N XB4505 Test Sheet
M9011-9012 Temperature Control and Power Supply for H7421-22 Series
C2400-60 camera control unit
C2400-79 CCD camera
C5985 Series Plug-in Modules User Guide
Super Quiet Xenon Lamp

7000 Series Modified Microliter Syringe
Flanging Tool Kit

Harvard Apparatus
Blanket Unit Iss. 7 Test Procedure
Model 680,681, 683 Repair Manual
Homeothermic blanket schematic
Small Animal Ventilator Model 683 User Manual

Hewlett Packard
4600 Series Start Guide
4650 Setup Guide
6012b Autoranging DC Power Supply
6012B Service Manual
6207B DC Power Supply
6235a Triple Output Power Supply
8904A Multifunction Synthesizer dc to 600kHz
Acoustic Noise Information
Current Source Model 6186C Manual
Current Source Model 6186C
MPB-3 Series Model 6299A Operating Manual
MPB-5 Series Model 6286A
Laserjet 4200 Installation
Model 6235A Triple Output Power Supply
MPB-5 Series, Model 6286A Power Supply Manual
Operating and Service Manuals for HP361XA 30W Bench Series DC Power Supplies

General Servo Information
Modifying HS422

AN-201 Manual
HMC-2003 Specifications

12 VDC Permanent Magnet Stepping Motors
EPC-016 General Purpose Control and Driver
Model 220001 Electronic Stepping Motor
Stepping Board Mods

pH Electrodes

Inmac An Applications Guide for Inmac T-Switches
Instruction Manual For Isolated Pulse Stimulator Model 2100
Instructions for Use of Xenon Lamps XBO

Ion Laser Technology
ILT 5000 Operations Manual Revision B

220 Series Specifications
230 Series Specifications
1205c Series Specifications
AO Modulator-Driver Series 230 Instruction Manual

Ithaco Model 1211 Current Preamplifier

JDP-14J/14M/17M/14JF/14MF/17MF Drill Press

195A Multimeter Instructions
Keithley Model 427 Manual
Model 195A Programming Instructions
Model 277 Current Source

MouseWorks Quickstart Guide

ATE 6-10M Manual
ATE 150-0.7M Manual
BOP 36-6M Power Supply
JQE 6-22M Manual
Model PC-15 Mating Connector

Model 116 Vacuum Cleaner

Key Tronic KB101 User's Guide

Kinetic Systems, Inc
1201/1202 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation Manual
9100/9200 Series Vibraplane Instruction Manual

KAI-0372 Series Interline CCD Image Sensor Performance Specification
Kodak Model ES310.pdf

KOPF Model 923-B Mouse Gas Anethesia Head Holder

Lab-Line Bi-Directional Economy Rotator Model 4630 Operational Manual
Lab-Line Frigid-Cab Operation Manual

SteamScrubber and FlaskScrubber Glassware Washers Manual

LabDiet PMI Micro-Stabilized Rodent Liquid Diet LD 101-101A

Model LPT-7202-FM Instruction Manual
Lambda Electronics Instruction Manual for Regulated Power Supplies LDS-X Series

Leitz100 - 100z Manual

Linear Technology
LT 1568 Datasheet

List Electronic
Patch Clamp System User Manual

Magic Chef
MCB780W Microwave Oven

Casette Pump Drive Unit Operating Instructions

Market Forge
STM-E and STM-EL Manual

Master 8
Master 8 Eight Channel Programmable Pulse Generator

Matheson Flow Gauge Calibration Curves
Purpose of a Regulator

MathWorks Software License
The MathWorks

Matlab R2006b Installation Guide for Windows
Matlab R2011a Installation Instructions

MaximDL Manual

Measurement Computing
Measurement Computing Certificate of Calibration

Measurement Specialities, Inc
Piezo Film Sensors Product Guide and Price List

Medical Systems Corp
Brain Slice Chamber System
Brain Slice Chamber User Manual

Mettler Toledo
AE-163 Manual
XS Analytical Balances Operating Instructions
XS Analytical Balances Part 2
XS Analytical Balances Part 3

C02 analyzer

Micro Probe
Instructions For Using Parylene-C Insulated Microelectrodes
P2000 Sample Programs Sutter Instrument Company
Specifying Microprobe Configuration

Midland Ross
Cambion Bipolar Temperature Controller 809-3011-01
Midland Certified Reagent Company Packing Slip

Matrix VIP 3000 Calibrated Vaporizer

Heavy Duty Die Grinders

Molex Connector Corporation Header 12POS 2MM Vert Gold

Moor Instruments
Limited Moorsoft for Windows for MoorLAB v1.1 User Manual
Limited Moorsoft for Windows moorLAB v 1.3 User Manual Issue 2
Master/Slave Probe User Notes

Mouser Electronics
Mouser Electronics TR36A24-01A03

Narishige Scientific
Model MF-79 Electrode Polisher Manual
Model MO-203 Hydraulic Manipulator Manual

National Instruments
653X User Manual
6024E/6024E/6025E DAQ User Manual
6115/6120 Manual
6601/6602 User Manual
Amux-64T User Manual
AT E Series User Manual
AT-MIO/AI E Series
BNC-2090 User Manual
DAQ Getting Started Guide
DAQ Quick Start Guide
E Series User Manual
High Speed M-series 16-bit DAQ Boards
IMAQ PCI/PXI-1422 User Manual
LabView Fundamentals
LabVIEW Release Notes Version 8.2
LabVIEW Upgrade Notes Version 8.2
Motion Control 7344_7334 Hardware Manual
PC-DIO-96/PnP Manual
PC-LPM-16/PnP Manual
PC-TIO-10 User Manual
PCI E Series User Manual
PCI-6110/6111 Manual
PCI/PXI-6711/6713 User Manual
SCB-68 Quick Reference Label
National Instruments Product Safety Alert
Vision Assistant Tutorial
Vision Concepts Manual

NB Labs
Multichannel Electrodes and Headstages

Analog controller for Circulators
CFT-25 Recirculating Chiller Manual
RTE Series Bath Circulators
RTE 4 and RTE 8 Refrigerated Bath Circulators
RTE-5/5B and RTE-9/9B Refrigerated Bath Circulators
Schematic for Circulators

818IR Detector Calibration Report
RV120 rotating stage certificate
818T Series High-Power Detectors
1918-C Start up Guide
1918 Power Meter Startup Guide
1918 Power Meter User's Manual
1931 1936 Power Meter Startup Guide
1931 2931 Power Meter User's Manual
1936 2936 Power Meter User's Manual
855 Programmable Controller System Operating Manual
860A series, 860SC, 860SC-C, 860J Operating and Service Manual
Certificate of Calibration Powermeter Probe
CMA Series Linear Actuator Instructions
818IR Detector Calibration Report
GS-34 Vibration Isolated Lab Bench Instruction Manual
Personal Wavelength Correction Certificate
Readme Powermeter Drivers CD
RG610 Calibration Sheet
S-2000 stabilizer vibration isolators and optical table installation manual
TB and TBC Series System
Vibration Control System Manual

About Cumulus 5.0
About FotoStation Easy
Connecting the COOLPIX to a Camera
Epi-Fluorescence Attachment TMD-EF for Inverted Microscope DIAPHOT-TMD
FE2 Instruction Manual
Installation Guide
Installing Nikon 4 View Under Windows
Installing Nikon 4 View Under Macintosh
Object Marker Instructions
Reference CD
Registering the Camera with Windows
Registering COOLPIX under Windows Millenium Edition
Registering COOLPIX under the Windows 98/98 2nd Ed
Registering COOLPIX under Windows 2000 Professional
Registering COOLPIX under Windows Millenium Edition
SMZ2B Instruction Manual
Transferring Images
Uploading Images to Nikon FotoStation
What to do if COOLPIX is Listed Under Other Devices

Potential Sensitive Dyes

Models 8600V and 8600MV Veterinary Pulse Oximeteres
Model 8600 and 8600M Pulse Oximeters
Model 8600FO AND 8600FOM Pulse Oximeters

Norton Ghost User Guide

Cell Works Software List

NU Aire
Nu Aire NU-1550 Autoflow Automatic Tank Switch Operation and Installation Instructions

Ocean Optics
Calibration Curves
P50 2 VIS NIR Fiber Transmission
P400-2 VIS NIR Fiber Assembly Report
QEB0363 Calibration Data
QEB0363 Linearity Test
QP50-2 UV VIS Fiber Assembly Report
USB2E4013 Calibration Sheet
USB4H02818 Linearity Test
USB2000+ Calibration Sheet
USB4000_VIS_NIR Calibration Sheet
S2000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers and Accessories Operating Manual and User Guide
PC2E582 Calibration Data

Scout Pro Balance Instruction Manual

Ohmeda Operators Manual Tec 3 Continuous Flow Vaporizer

Fluoview Scanning Laser Biological Microscope Ver 1.1 Users Manual
20X Objective XLPLN25XSVMP2

Omega Engineering
CN76000 Microprocessor-Based Temperature/Process Controller
CO and COL Thermcoat Cement
Model 873 Hand Held Digital Thermometer Operator's Manual
Omegatherm Thermally Conductive Silicone Paste

Omega Optical
455DF70 XF1012 Bandpass Transmission
475AF40 XF1073 Bandpass Transmission
500DF22 Bandpass Transmission
505DF10 Bandpass Transmission
510AF23 XF3080 Bandpass Transmission
525AF45 XF1074 Bandpass Transmission
530DF10 Bandpass Transmission
530DF30 XF3017 Bandpass Transmission
535DF35 XF1019 Bandpass Transmission
535DF35 Bandpass Transmission
540DRLP XF2012 Bandpass Transmission
560DF40 Bandpass Transmission
580DF30 XF3022 Bandpass Transmission
LP 500 DRLP XF2077 Dichroic Transmission
LP 505 DRLPXR XF2031 Dichroic Transmission
LP 505 DRLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 515 DRLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 525 DRLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 550 DCLP XF2009 Dichroic Transmission
LP 560 DRLP XF2017 Dichroic Transmission
LP 600 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 600 DRLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 610 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 640 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 645 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 700 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
LP 730 DCLP Dichroic Transmission
SP 541 DCSP Dichroic Transmission
SP 561 DCSP Dichroic Transmission
SP 700 DDCSP ichroic Transmission
SP 740 DCSP Dichroic Transmission
SP 600 DRSP Dichroic Transmission
XF10 Zeiss fluorescent cube calibration sheet
XF12 Zeiss fluorescent cube calibration sheet
XF15 Zeiss fluorescent cube calibration sheet
XF18 Zeiss fluorescent cube calibration sheet
Generic Cube Schematic
Fluorescence Microscopy Filter Cube Schematic Design

OptiQuip Inc

Oregon Micro Systems
MD10A, MH10 and MD125 Step Motor Drivers User's Manual

Filter 51312 Calibration Sheet
Filter 51325 Calibration Sheet
Filters 51300. 51320, 51311 Calibration Sheet
Filters 51310, 51311, 51360 Calibration Sheet
Models 5080, 50810, 50812, 5038, 50840 OD filters
KG4 Filter 51942 Calibration Sheet
Model 77400 125mm Spectrograph
Model 68830 Radiometric Power Supply
Beam Probe Model 77651
DC Regulated Broad Band Quartz Halogen Source Model 77501
Radiometric Power Supply Model 68830
Quartz Tungsten Halogen Lamp Housings Models 66180 through 66184
Booklet of Grating Efficiency Curve

Ag-AgCl Sure-Flow Electrode
Orion Research Model 701A Digital pH-mV meter Instruction Manual
Ross pH Electrode Manual

Operator's Manual Osada EXL-M40

Instructions for Use of Xenon Lamps XBO

TF IM60 and IM30 Manual

Parker Instruments
E-AC Drive Hardware Installation Guide
Parker Instrumentation Valves

Physik Instrumente
PZ127E User Manual
PI 106022303 certificate

Actuator MIPOS3 M25
Actuator MIPOS100SG
Piezosystem Jena Actuators
Voltage Amplifier System ENT/ENV Instruction Manual

Plus Vision
Contact Information
Data Projector U7-137SF
PDB Manual E
PDB Manual J
Plus Vision U3 Data Projector Manual
U3 Manual E
U7-137SF man CD E
UP-280DC and U3 -130 Lamp Replacement

Microprocessor-Controlled General Purpose Water Baths 280 Series
Model 5004 Automatic Osmometer

Princeton Instruments
Pixis 512 Features
Pixis 512 System Manual

Instruction Manual for PRL 174 Timer

Quantum Technology
Pockels cell mount
Instruction Manual for Model HVP-51-DIFF-5
Divider Delay Unit

Mini Split 13 Seer Air Conditioner

Radio Shack MPA 31 20 Watt AC Mobile PA Amplifier Owner's Manual
Wireless Lapel Microphone System

Rabbit Peristaltic Pump

Reichert Jung
Reichert-Jung Histoslide 2000

Rucker Kolls
Rucker Kolls Model 240, 250, and 260 Manual

MCO-17ALC CO2 Incubator Manual

Crimp Tool Operating Procedure

405DF10 FF01-405/10 bandpass spectrum
405LP BLP01_405 longpass spectrum
457DF50 FF01-457/50 bandpass spectrum
475DF42 FF01-475/42 bandpass spectrum
525DF40 FF02-525/40 bandpass spectrum
475DF50 FF02-475/50 bandpass spectrum
512DF25 FF01-512/25 bandpass spectrum
525DF40 FF02-525/40 bandpass spectrum
530DF55 FF01-530/55 bandpass spectrum
615DF45 FF01-615/45 bandpass spectrum
631DF35 FF01-631/36 bandpass spectrum
675DF67 FF01-675/67 bandpass spectrum
680SP FF01-680SP shortpass spectrum
785SP SP01-785RS shortpass spectrum
LP 509 FF509-FDi01 dichroic transmission
LP 532 R532-Di02 dichroic transmission
LP 552 FF552-Di02 dichroic transmission
LP 640 FF640-FDi01 dichroic transmission
LP 662 FF662-FDi01 dichroic transmission
LP 740 FF740-Di01 dichroic transmission
LP 741 FF741-Di01 dichroic transmission
LP 775 FF775-Di01 dichroic transmission
SP 535 FF535-Di01 dichroic transmission
SP 591 FF591-SDi01 dichroic transmission
SP 670 FF670-SDi01 dichroic transmission
SP 720 FF720-SDi01 dichroic transmission
SP 770 FF01-770SP dichroic transmission

Sentry Lock Manual
Sentry Group Model 1380

13N-M100 and 13N-M150 Operation Manual

Long Pass Colored Glass Filters
BG-39 Spectrum

J:SST 201 Series

SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16 Series

CCD Video Camera Module XC-77RR 77RRCE Operating Instructions
Operating Instruction CV-500 CCD Video Camera
Spressa960 Drive Unit Installation Guide
Trinitron Character Display CPD1304
TFT LCD Color Computer Display Manual

Spectra Physics
Beam Probe 77651
Millennia V Diode-Pumped, CW Visible Laser User Manual
Tsunami Mode-locked Ti:sapphire Laser User Manual

SPER Scientific LTD
Manometeres 840080, 840081 Manual

Stanford Research Systems
Model SR530 Lock-in Amplifier
Model SR550/552 Voltage Pre-Amplifier
Model SR560 Low-Noise Amplifier
Model SR570 Low-Noise Current Pre-Amplifier

Starr Life Sciences Corp
Mouse Ox Plus Small Animal Vital Signs Monitor

Steinel HL 1800E Heat Gun
Steinel HL1800E Heat Gun Operator's Use and Care Manual
Steinel HL1800E Instructions

Task Lighting Order Information

Sutter Instruments
BV-10 Micropipette Beveler Operation Manual
Lambda 10 Optical Filter Changer Instruction Manual
MP-225 Micromanipulator System Manual
MP-285 Micromanipulator Reference Manual
MP-285 Micromanipulator System Reference Manual
MP-285 Micromanipulator System ROE Basic Operations
MPC-385 Micromanipulator System Operation Manual
P-80 PC Flaming-Brown Micropipette Puller
P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller Operation Manual
P-2000 Laser Based Micropipette Puller System Operation Manual
Sutter Instrument Company Accessory Price List
Sutter Instrument Company P97 Flaming-Brown Micropipette Puller Operation Manual
Sutter Instrument Pipette Cookbook

System Biosciences
pCDH cDNA Cloning and Expression Lentivectors

B-0113 Pre-Rinse Installation Manual

Teel Industrial Series Water Circulating Pumps Operating Instructions and Parts Manual

518N Dual-Trace Amplifier Instruction Manual
5B25N Digitizer Time Base/Amplifier Instruction Manual
7A19 Amplifier Instruction Manual
7B53A/7B53AN Dual Time Base Operators Instruction Manual
2445/2465 Option 06 and Option 09 Counter/Trimer/Trigger and Word Recognizer Operators
2465 Oscilloscope Manual
2465B/2455B/2445B Oscilloscopes and Options Manual
AM502 Differential Amplifier Instruction Manual
P2220 200 MHz 1X/10X Passive Probe Manual
PS2520, PS2520G, PS2521 and PS2521G Programmable Power Supplies User Manual
TDS2MEM Storage Memory and Communications Module
TDS200-Series Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope
TDS200 Extension Modules
TDS200 Series Manual
TDS200, TDS1000/TDS2000, TDS1000B/TDS200B and TPS2000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes
TDS1000B and TDS2000B Digital Store Oscilloscope Manual
TDS1000B and TDS2000B Read This First
TDS3000B Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Manual
TDS3000 and TDS3000B Series Application Module Installation Instructions
5B10N Time Base/Amplifier
TM506/RTM 506 Power Module
TDS3AAM Advanced Analysis Application Module
TDS3LIM Limit Test Application Module
TDS3SDI 601 Digital Video Application Module
TDS3TMT Telecom Mask Test Application Module
TDS3VID Extended Video Application Module
TDS3000C User
P2100 100 MHz
TDS1000c-2000c Manual
Tektronix 5A14N Four Channel Amplifier Instruction Manual
Tektronix 2445-2465 Option 05 TV Options Operators Instruction Manual
Tektronix Certificate of Traceable Calibration Model TDS224

Tab Block Teledyne Electronic Technologies
Teledyne Electronic Technologies Dual Channel Amplifier-Filter

Merlin Recirculating Chillers Installation Operation Basic Service
NESLAB Merlin Recirculating Chillers
NEScom 3.0 Temperature Control Software for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP
Orion Aplus Portable pH and ISE Meters
Orion Aplus Benchtop pH and pH/ISE Meters
Refillable Ag/AgCl pH Electrodes
Thermo Neslab Shipping Check List

Thermo Scientific
Forma Laboratory Freezers Installation Manual
Revco Laboratory Freezers Installation Manual
Titer Plate Shaker Model 4625 Manual
Ultra-Low temperature Upright freezers quick start guide

19 Inch Rack Mount Recirculating Chiller RC Series
T255P Chiller Manual
ThermoTek Certificates of Conformance

Thor Labs
PAF series fiberport coupler
DET 110 High Speed Silicon Detector
DET36A High Speed Silicon Detector
LEDD18 High Power LED Driver
LDC20X Laser Diode Controller
PDA Operating Manual
CS2010 LED UV Curing System


GDM Freezer Installation Manual

W20ATC Calibration

US Microchips
Hall sensor guide

Victor Exhaust Monitor
Exhaust Monitor
Photohelic Pressure Switch/Gage 3000 Specifications

RMR to X-95 support bracket
RMR scan lens transmisssion
RMR mechanical layout
RMR optical layout

CCS-5 Driver Specifications
D112 Shutter Driver Controller Specifications
LS2, LS3, LS5 Shutter Specifications
VCM-D1 Shutter Driver
VCM-D1 Single Channel Shutter Driver Specifications
VMM-D1 Shutter Driver and VMM-T1 Shutter Driver 2002
VMM-D1 Shutter Driver and VMM-T1 Shutter Driver 2004
VMM-D1 Shutter Driver Control Specifications
VS14 and VS25 Shutter Specifications
VS35 Series Preliminary Specifications
TS6B Specifications
ED12DSS Driver Controller Specifications
ED12DSS Timing Settings
ED12DSS Driver Manual

Warner Instrument Corp
Model OC-725C Oocyte Clamp
SF-77B Perfusion Fast-Step

Model 21 11MHz Stabilized Function Generator
Model 185 5MHz Lin/Log Sweep Generator
Model 191 20MHz Pulse/Function Generator
Model 801 50MHz Pulse Generator

Weller Tech
Cooper Hand Tools
Model D650 Industrial Soldering Gun
WCTPN Series Sheet
Weller WRS 1002/10021/10022

Split-Stream Autostill 5 Instruction Manual

World Precision Instruments
305-850 Scheme
305 Stimulus Isolator
A 385 Constant Current Stimulus Isolator
A395D, A395 R Linear Stimulus Isolator
ISO-80 Isolated Differential Amplifier
Mirrored Disk for 1300M Beveler
Model 260 Microiontophoresis Current Programmer
Model 121 Window Discriminator
Pressure Monitor BP-1
SP110i Syringe Pump
Stimulus Isolator Model A350D and 850A

X-Cite Series 120Q
X-Cite exacte Users Guide

73A Manual
Model 43 Tele-Thermometer
Series 400 Temperature Probe
YSI 44011
YSI 44018
YSI Cleaning Instructions

Axioskop 2 FS Research Microscope
Axioplan 2 Imagine and Axiophot 2
Axioplan Brochure
Microscope Illuminator 100
Microscope Illuminator Hal with Reflector
N HBO 102 and N XBO 75 Microscope Illuminating Systems
Stemi-1000-2000-2000C Stereomicroscope Operating Manual
Stereo Discovery Stereomicroscope
Stereo Discovery Overview Profile
Stemo DR, Stemi DV4, Stemi 2000 Stereomicroscope
Stereomicroscope SV8
Stereo Discovery Objective Slider Installation
AxioScan Z1 Manual
ZEN 2 Software Guide
Original AxioScan Filter Sets
Specifications for AxioScan filters

Optical Design Program User's Manual 2011