Laboratory Notes

General Procedures

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Noise in Photodetectors PDF (2.2 Mb)

Equipment Guides

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Intrinsic Optical Imaging Users Guide PDF (0.1 Mb)

Solutions and Surgery Procedures

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Injection of drugs and compounds PDF (0.1 Mb)
Assessing pain & distress in rodents PDF (0.1 Mb)
Tail vein injection PDF (0.1 Mb)
Implantation of osmotic pumps PDF (0.1 Mb)
Cryo-protectant solution PDF (0.1 Mb)
Gelatin sebbed microscope slides PDF (0.1 Mb)
Thionin (Nissl) stain PDF (0.1 Mb)
Cytochrome osidase staining PDF (0.1 Mb)
2.9 % paraformaldehyde fixative PDF (0.1 Mb)
Transcardial perfusion fixation PDF (0.1 Mb)
Urethane anesthesia guide PDF (0.1 Mb)
Artificial cerebral spinal fluid PDF (0.1 Mb)
Use of sliding microtome PDF (0.1 Mb)
Surgery for chronic recording PDF (0.1 Mb)
Labeled gel for filling brain vasculature PDF (0.1 Mb)
Embedding brains in plastic PDF (0.1 Mb)

Exposure Control for Toxins and Viruses

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Human Immunodeficiency Viral Vectors PDF (0.1 Mb)
Adeno-associated Viral Vectors PDF (0.1 Mb)
Adenoviral Vector PDF (0.1 Mb)
Botulinum Neurotoxin PDF (0.1 Mb)
Cholera Toxin PDF (0.1 Mb)
Established Cell Lines PDF (0.1 Mb)
Herpes Simplex Viral Vector PDF (0.1 Mb)
Pseudorabies Viral Vectors PDF (0.1 Mb)
Rabies Viral Vectors PDF (0.1 Mb)
Sindbis Virual Vector PDF (0.1 Mb)
Tetrodotoxin PDF (0.1 Mb)
Basic Pseudorabies Information PDF (0.1 Mb)

Solutions and Procedures Involving Replication Competent HSV and Rabies

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Sources of replication competent viral agents PDF (0.1 Mb)
Injection of replication competent viral agents PDF (0.1 Mb)
4 % paraformaldehyde fixative PDF (0.1 Mb)
Transcardinal perfusion fixation of animals with replication competent viral injections PDF (0.1 Mb)
Viral decontamination following injection surgery PDF (0.1 Mb)
Medical response guide for working with rabies PDF (0.1 Mb)