Past Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

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Doctoral Students

Prof. Rune W. Berg - Associate Professor, Neuroscience & Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Timothy Cacciatore (with W. Kristan) - Senior Research Associate, Institute of Neurology, UCL.

Dr. Yuncong Chen (with Y. Freund) - Data Scientist, NEC, Princeton.

Dr. G. Omar Clay - Science for the People, Baja, Mexico.

Dr. John C. Curtis - Late of the Salk Institute.

Dr. Jonathan Driscoll - Cofounder, Dimensional Industries, San Diego.

Prof. Karunesh Ganguly (with M.-M. Poo) - Associate Professor, Neurology, UCSF.

Dr. Daniel N. Hill - Senior Data Scientist, Amazon Research Labs, Berkeley.

Dr. Diana C. Jeong - Research Scientist, Stanford.

Dr. Victory Joseph (with P. Slesinger) - Senior Scientist, ‎Genentech, San Francisco.

Dr. Anastasia Kurnikova (with M. Deschênes) - Data Scientist, Accenture, San Diego.

Dr. Nicole Mercer Lindsay - Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University.

Dr. David W. Matthews - Boston Consulting Group, San Francisco.

Dr. Samar B. Mehta - Physician in Internal Medicine / Infectious Disease, Holyoke Medical Center, MA, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Moore - Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University / Salk Institute.

Prof. Nozomi Nishimura - Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Cornell University, Ithaca.

Prof. Thomas D. Parsons (with B. Salzberg) - Associate Professor, Swine Production Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

Prof. Lee F. Schroeder - Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor.

Prof. Philbert S. Tsai - Assistant Teaching Professor, UC San Diego.

Masters Students

Dr. Benjamin Migliori - Applications Scientist, SPAWAR, San Diego.

Mr. Sean O'Connor - Research Scientist, SAIC, San Diego.

Dr. Christopher Rafie - Physician in Emergency Medicine, Regional Medical Center of San Jose.

Mr. Hiteshwar Rao - Engineer, Juul, San Francisco.

Dr. Diane Whitmer - Interim Director of Research, NeuroTexas Institute, St. David's HealthCare, Austin.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists

Dr. Kurt Ahrens - Adjunct Professor, Arcadia University.

Prof. Yonitan Aljadeff - Assistant Professor, UC San Diego.

Prof. Pablo Blinder - Associate Professor, Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Patrick J. Drew - Associate Professor, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Pennsylvania State University.

Prof. Michale S. Fee - Professor, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Field - Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorado State University.

Prof. David Golomb (with B. Shraiman) - Professor, Physiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Dr. Eric Grannan (with H. Sompolinsky) - Financial Analyst, Credit Suisse.

Dr. Per M. Knutsen - Industrial Scientist, Norway.

Dr. Adrian Lozada - Research Scientist - PureTech Health, Boston.

Dr. Lisa Mellander - Postdoctoral Fellow, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Dr. Lynne Merchant - Programmer/Analyst, SIO.

Dr. Arnaud Muller - Research Scientist - Roche, Basil.

Dr. Quoc-Thang Nguyen - Late, Founder and CEO of NeurAccel Inc., San Diego.

Dr. Michael J. Pesavento - 3Scan, San Francisco.

Dr. James Prechtl - Owner/Operator, AeroBio, San Diego.

Dr. Charlotta Ruehlmann - Resident, University of Zurich Medical Center.

Prof. Christopher B. Schaffer - Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Cornell University, Ithaca.

Prof. Andy Y. Shih - Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle.

Mr. Raymond Stepnowski - Buckingham Township Manager (formerly Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies).

Prof. Philbert S. Tsai - Assistant Teaching Professor, UC San Diego.

Dr. Suri Venkatachalam - Research Scientist, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Prof. Ralf Wessel (with W. Kristan) - Professor, Physics, Washington University, Saint Louis.

Dr. Elizabeth Yoder - Industrial Scientist.

Past Visiting Faculty

Prof. Ehud Ahissar - Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israe

Prof. Euiheon Chung - Sabbatical visitor - Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea.

Prof. Martin Deschênes - Sabbatical visitor - Université Laval, Québec City, Canada

Prof. Mathew Diamond - SISSA, Trieste, Italy.

Prof. Ford Ebner - Emeritus, Vanderbilt University, TN.

Prof. Bard Ermentrout - University of Pittsburgh, PA.

Prof. David Golomb - Sabbatical visitor - Ben Gurion University, Israel

Prof. Matt Wachowiak - University of Utah, Saly Lake Cityl

*Katherine Goble Johnson (1919-2020)